• Increase funding for training for law enforcement


  • All Texas school districts must participate in social security for teachers to promote fair treatment of teachers and retain great teachers
    to teachers must have a real pay raise and the state funding needs to increase to at least 50% for real property tax relief. New funding sources must be explored and adopted to attract and keep the best teachers.


  • Promote the responsible and sustainable use and allocation of our ground water and remove water from the archaic “rule of capture”


  • Increase funding for the maintenance and repair of our current roads and bridges

Social Security

  • Enable teachers to participate in social security and survivor benefits.


  • Fight to reverse the Koch brothers’ extremist legislation fed to our state government via the American Legislative Council Exchange (ALEC)

Worker Rights

  • Support union dues check off and the right to collective bargaining for all working Texans

Rural Internet

  • Bring fast and reliable internet service to the Hill Country rural areas.