John Adams Endorsement

A word from my friend John Adams:

Democrats in Texas – and moderates and independents who are concerned about our country – have some serious work to do in March. We have more candidates running for office than ever before. And they are great ones, making our choices all the more difficult.

I’m supporting Les Carnes to be our nominee for House District 45. Les has worked as hard on behalf of the party furthering our progressive ideals as anyone has over the last 30 or 40 years. He has made his home here in Hays county for the last 25 years and knows the problems and issues facing Hays and Blanco counties inside and out. He has been a voice, sometimes in the wilderness, advocating for the people’s interests over and against corporate interests. He is a proud union member and has fought for working people everywhere. He is a tireless warrior for what is right.

In March, I will vote for Les Carnes to be our next State Representative. We are long overdue for a change. Join this movement!

John Adams

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